‘Before being coached by Alan, Jer’s Electrical was a one man band with an expanding client base and all my hours went into my business. I had too much work for myself, even once I had finished for the day I still worked into the late hours of the evening. I was working blind with my figures and margins basically working on a cash basis. Since being coached I have learnt so much, it has also given me a lot confidence. I am now a Limited Company with 8 full time employees. I have started advertising on facebook, in the processing of setting up my website and even launched a radio ad. I have got a great drive to keep on expanding, learning more and more about managing my business the correct way and becoming a well recognised electrical company. I am now able to manage my employees, arrange & quote jobs and still enjoy time with my family.’
JER Electrical Services Limited
‘We rely on Google as our main source of new customers, Brad and the team have been great at helping get the most out of our website….They maintain our site and our requests are always handled promptly and efficiently…. “We have been working with Brad and the team for a number of years now and they initially came to help us with our PPC advertising. We asked them to go through it and see how it could be improved. We realised that we were actually wasting around 40% of our budget. Brad rectified this and then installed tracking onto our website so we now know where our enquiries are coming from. In the last 12 months with ABL Circuits new website and marketing: PPC enquiries are cheaper by 23% Number of enquiries have increased by 82%’
ABI Circuits
‘We have been working with Brad for over 20 years. They have been instrumental in the growth of our domestic & more importantly overseas sales” In the last 5 years the website has grown year on year: Organic traffic has grown by 194% Online sales have increased by 168% PPC enquiries have increased by 209% PPC cost per enquiry has been reduced by 57%’
Justin Jeffery
‘We have a huge increase in the number of times our company has been visited organically since the new website went live, from 150 per day, to over 450 per day – that is a 300% increase.” Immediately we reduced wasted spend on the adwords and increased the number of enquiries for the same advertising budget. Once the new website went live the organic traffic grew by 300% and the website made customers more convinced about the quality of the service so the conversions went up by 250%.’
Bernice Osborne
‘During the time, I have been working with Alan at ActionCOACH I have deepened my understanding of my business. One of the major changes has been learning not to work in the business, but on the business. This has allowed me to spend time gaining a deeper understanding of my marketing strategies, my financials, my procedures and what level I want to grow and take the business forward. Through the systems and tools of ActionCOACH there is an established structure in place and at each meeting Alan challenges me to move to the next level. I would recommend Alan and ActionCOACH, I have certainly grown both the business and my knowledge.’
Anne Jenkins
Practice Manager, Bridge Dental Clinic