Failing to plan is planning to fail! is now Certified as a LivePlan Expert Advisor adding the innovative cloud-based application LivePlan to its suite of small business offerings.

Our philosophy of helping small business owners succeed by freeing them from complicated spreadsheets and intimidating financial systems. With innovative systems and advisory services, gives businesses the confidence to focus on their passions, while still knowing the financial health of their business. approach integrates cloud-based accounting software  QBO and Xero with business planning and financial tracking software LivePlan. These cloud-based tools, coupled with our expertise in business growth and financial management, gives their small business clients an advantage. Research from Cranfield University’s School of Management shows that small businesses who actively plan, track against that plan, and adjust their plan based on market need, grow 30% faster. Planning and tracking is what separates small businesses who are surviving from those who are thriving.

LivePlan gives our small business owners the ability to understand their financial strengths and where they need to adjust their assumptions. LivePlan’s integration with leading cloud based financial systems helps us, play the larger role of a business advisor by allowing our clients to easily access key financial data wherever they need it, in a format that’s easy to understand.


“Accounting data alone is not sufficient enough to run a business,” said Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software. “Business owners must also track how those actual numbers compare to their budget and forecast and their historical performance. LivePlan gives small business owners access to this information – in an easy to view format – without having to ask their bookkeeper or accountant to run multiple reports. With this, accountants are becoming strategic advisors, and helping small businesses in areas beyond taxes, bookkeeping, and audits.”

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About LivePlan

LivePlan works for any type of business, at any stage in its development. Take our tour to see how LivePlan's guided, step–by–step process takes the stress out of starting your business.

The first thing you'll do in LivePlan is set up your business.

Getting started in LivePlan is easy. We'll ask for a few, simple details about your business. Select a goal and LivePlan will recommend a starting point to position you for success.

After you're done setting up your business, you can get started on your business strategy.

The LivePlan Pitch is a one–page summary of your business that defines your strategy. It's a fast, simple, and more effective way to document your business idea. LivePlan lets you publish your pitch on the web and export to PowerPoint so you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even with old fashioned email.

When you're done creating your pitch, you can move on to creating your full business plan.

LivePlan breaks the business planning process down into simple steps with instructions and examples. Your plan starts with the traditional structure of chapters and sections, but it's fully customizable. Add or remove chapters and sections as you see fit.

The last part of building your plan is creating a budget and forecast. Don't worry—LivePlan makes it easy.

No math or complex spreadsheets needed. Enter the sales you think you can make along with your anticipated expenses, and LivePlan automatically creates your financial statements. If you're not sure what number to put in, make an educated guess and LivePlan will help you see if your plan is reasonable.

Check your numbers against the competition to see how they stack up.

With Benchmarks, you can use real data from businesses across the country to see your plan is realistic. Compare by region and size to get the most accurate data possible. LivePlan helps you create budgets and forecasts that make sense.

Keep your business growing and healthy with the LivePlan Dashboard.

Connect LivePlan to QuickBooks, Xero, or enter your accounting info manually to track your progress against your plan. See instantly, if you're meeting your sales goals and staying on budget. It's the best way to grow your business and keep it healthy.

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The following is a list of services , products and prices available to help you get up and running with your new LivePlan system:

Bronze Level £179

Option One

1. Business Coach conducts initial meeting with client and completes full review and information gathering exercise with client directly.

2. Script and Questionnaire provided for completion.

3. Script and Questionnaire forwarded to to:

  • Build LivePlan
  • Set up company options
  • Connect client to accounting package (Xero or Quickbooks only)
  • Complete preliminary mapping (ledgers)
  • Enter basic company information into Pitch, Logo, team members, etc.

4. Record 3 year LivePlan forecasting based on information provided by client/coach, including:

  • Revenue streams
  • Fixed costs
  • Personnel costs (limited to
  • Directors Remuneration and Grouped staff costs

5. Synch LivePlan to cloud based accountancy package.
(if not a cloud based package manual inputting would be required at additional cost).

Silver Level £379

In addition to Option1.

1. Attend kick off meeting via remote meeting (Go to meeting) with business coach. Meeting duration approximately 1.5 hours and complete information gathering requirements.

2. During the meeting support the coach and client to review:

  • Business Strategy (Problem, Solution, Resources etc)

  • Review Target Market

  • Review Milestones

Option 3 – Gold Set up fee plus £250 per month

Attend or run monthly review session £250 per month via remote access

  • 30 minutes preparation to review and sync outcomes from cloud based finance package

  • Meeting with client 1 hour and 1 hour to update and adjust forecasts into LivePlan.

  • Attend meeting with Coach to analyse monthly results and adjust plan forecasts.

About Alan

I am the first UK LivePlan Certified Advisor and I am here to support you and your clients with set up, accounting package integration, forecasting and if you require remote attendance of your monthly financial progress review where you will compare actuals versus forecast results with your client. This will provide an additional tangible benefit to your coaching practice. A selection of packages are detailed below.

LivePlan requires no expensive upfront licensing investment! Current licensing costs are less than £20 per month and Liveplan offers a 90 day no quibble refund guarantee if your clients are not totally satisfied.

There is no contract period and your clients can stop using LivePlan at any time with no further costs. There really is No Risk! Your client can be up and running on LivePlan within days using this service which will give you a USP compared to you competition.

Want to get started?

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